2005-2013 C6 Chevy Corvette ORACLE Halo Kit
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1st place!!!
David (Utah) 5/9/2012 4:07 PM
Mathew, Been awhile in getting back to you with some pics of your LED’s installed on my corvette. The photos simply do not do them justice. Everywhere I go and turn them on people stop and stare. I used them at the Autorama car show in Salt Lake City, UT and by the plaque you can tell I was successful. I believe the lights help differentiate me from pack. Great job!!!!!
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ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
CH-CO0513C-6K 2683-030 6000K
CH-CO0513C-8K 2683-031 8000K
CH-CO0513C-10K 2683-038 10000K
CH-CO0513C-B 2683-032 Blue
CH-CO0513C-R 2683-033 Red
CH-CO0513C-G 2683-034 Green
CH-CO0513C-A 2683-035 Amber
CH-CO0513C-UV 2683-037 UV/Purple
CH-CO0513-W 2683-001 White
CH-CO0513-B 2683-002 Blue
CH-CO0513-R 2683-003 Red
CH-CO0513-G 2683-004 Green
CH-CO0513-A 2683-005 Amber
CH-CO0513-Y 2683-006 Yellow
CH-CO0513-UV 2683-007 UV/Purple
CH-CO0513-RGB-NA 2683-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller
CH-CO0513-RGB-SIM 2683-504 ColorSHIFT - Simple
CH-CO0513-RGB 2683-330 ColorSHIFT
CH-CO0513-RGB-2.0 2683-333 ColorSHIFT 2.0
CH-CO0513-RGB-WIFI 2683-331 ColorSHIFT-WiFi
CH-CO0513P-A 2683-051 White
CH-CO0513P-B 2683-052 Blue
CH-CO0513P-R 2683-053 Red
CH-CO0513P-G 2683-054 Green
CH-CO0513P-A 2683-055 Amber

ORACLE HALO Kits Include the Following:
-(4) Corvette C6 Halo Rings
-Installation Written Instructions
-Everything you need to add ORACLE Halos to your Head Lights!