Gen 5 Camaro SS ORACLE Mailslot V-Scanner
ORACLE Lighting Technology

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Mike S (NJ) 10/9/2012 10:49 PM
promptly received, good condition. removed metal cover without much trouble, removed mail slot filler, ready to install scanner. drilled small hole (about 1/8") in center of mail slot opening, cut wire between scanner and control box, fed the cut wire through small hole, and the scanner snapped in perfectly. fed wire along front bumper, wire nut the two ends and connected to fuse box and ground. Scanner works perfectly. just need to add a switch to control from inside of car since i use it responding to fire alarms. very pleased.
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Gen 5 Camaro SS ORACLE Mailslot V-Scanner

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
V2-SCANMAIL-W 4420-001 White
V2-SCANMAIL-B 4420-002 Blue
V2-SCANMAIL-R 4420-003 Red
V2-SCANMAIL-G 4420-004 Green
V2-SCANMAIL-Y 4420-006 Yellow

Product Description:
The Mail Slot Scanner fits right into the hood of your Camaro and contains 40 amazingly bright 5050 Surface-Mount LEDs! The IR Wireless Remote Gives you Complete Control of this Scanner, see the video below for a demonstration. EASY installation, just connect power and ground! The rest is done for you. This V2 Model can produce over 20 lighting effects that you choose using your wireless controller.

Product Features:
• 40 Amazingly Bright 5050 SMDs
• Fits directly into Factory Bumper Slot
• Over 20 Pre-Programmed Patterns
• Easy 2 Wire + and - Installation
• Includes Wireless Controller
• Available in White, Blue, Red, Green, Amber, ColorSHIFT
• 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturer defects.

Package Includes:
1 x Gen 5 Camaro SS ORACLE Mailslot V-Scanner
1 x ORACLE Wireless IR Remote
1 x 12V Quick Connect Controller Module

MailSlot Scanner Install Video


Video Installed: