2008-2014 Dodge CHALLENGER ORACLE Halo Kit
ORACLE Lighting Technology

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2rand[0,1,1] (New York) 8/29/2013 1:58 AM
39KZCv http://www.5EWalaK3zaEFzKWsK72EARLchwGWGEmy.com
New Plasma halos
steve makinson (sweet home, OR) 8/27/2013 12:27 AM
Best and Brightest halos on the market
Chief Electrician, State Of Ohio
Daniel (North West Ohio) 6/14/2012 12:23 PM
I just installed the blue SMD's on a Challenger, and from the moment that I drove off after the install I had people wanting to know where they came from, how awesome it looked on the car, following me to get a closer look, The product is fantastic, I can't wait to see what other goodies AAC has to offer, you have a costomer for LIFE!
challenger halos
bumble bee killer (San Diego) 12/5/2009 5:06 PM
i just want to thank first and foremost. ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE CONCEPTS for this product. it turned my challenger 360 along with the other accessories i put into it! but my HALOS sets it off. i get SOOO much complements everyday it's ridicules. i'm the only challenger in San Diego to have the HALOS. feels good to be different. big ups to A.A.C.
Everyone Loves My halos
Anonymous (Unknown) 12/11/2008 1:42 PM
i get nothing buy positive comments on my halos. I have installed about 30 halos in cars and each one looks as good as the second. cant say the first because nothing rocks like Green halos on a green charger
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Click Here for more info on our different Halo Rings and the benefits of each.

ORACLE Halo Kits are the single most "head-turning" modification you can do for such a small investment.
Each ORACLE Halo utilizes the latest lighting technology and the highest quality materials available on the market.

Whether CCFL, SMD, or Plasma, each halo can be seen vividly even in Direct Sunlight! 
Regardless of what you drive we have a Halo solution for you.

ORACLE Halo's are covered by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

Challenger Non-Projector Halo Kits

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
DO-CL0813C-8K 2240-031 8000K
DO-CL0813C-B 2240-032 Blue
DO-CL0813C-R 2240-033 Red
DO-CL0813-W 2240-001 White
DO-CL0813-B 2240-002 Blue
DO-CL0813-R 2240-003 Red
DO-CL0813-G 2240-004 Green
DO-CL0813-A 2240-005 Amber
DO-CL0813-P 2240-007 UV/Purple
DO-CL0813-PK 2240-009 Pink
DO-CL0813-RGB-NA 2240-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller
DO-CL0813-RGB-SIM 2240-504 ColorSHIFT - Simple
DO-CL0813-RGB 2240-330 ColorSHIFT
DO-CL0813-RGB-2.0 2240-333 ColorSHIFT 2.0
DO-CL0813-RGB-WIFI 2240-331 ColorSHIFT-WiFi
DO-CL0813NP-W 2240-051 White
DO-CL0813NP-B 2240-052 Blue
DO-CL0813NP-R 2240-053 Red
DO-CL0813NP-G 2240-054 Green
DO-CL0813NP-A 2240-055 Amber

Challenger Projector Halo Kits

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
DO-CL0813C-8 2238-031 8000K
DO-CL0813C-B 2238-032 Blue
DO-CL0813C-R 2238-033 Red
DO-CL0813C-G 2238-034 Green
DO-CL0813C-A 2238-035 Amber
DO-CL0813C-UV 2238-037 UV/Purple
DO-CL0813C-PK 2238-039 Pink
DO-CL0813-W 2238-001 White
DO-CL0813-B 2238-002 Blue
DO-CL0813-R 2238-003 Red
DO-CL0813-G 2238-004 Green
DO-CL0813-A 2238-005 Amber
DO-CL0813-Y 2238-006 Yellow
DO-CL0813-UV 2238-007 UV/Purple
DO-CL0813-RGB-NA 2238-334 ColorSHIFT - No Controller
DO-CL0813-RGB-SIM 2238-504 ColorSHIFT - Simple
DO-CL0813-RGB 2238-330 ColorSHIFT
DO-CL0813-RGB-2.0 2238-333 ColorSHIFT 2.0
DO-CL0813-RGB-WIFI 2238-331 ColorSHIFT-WiFi
DO-CL0813P-W 2238-051 White
DO-CL0813P-B 2238-052 Blue
DO-CL0813P-R 2238-053 Red
DO-CL0813P-G 2238-054 Green
DO-CL0813P-A 2238-055 Amber

Kit includes the following:
- (4) Dodge Challenger Halo Rings 
- Installation Written Instructions 

Everything you need to add ORACLE Halos to your Headlights!

How to install video:

ORACLE Super-Bright PLASMA LED Halos are the latest advancement in Lighting Technology.
These rings have extremely high luminous flux which make them visible in direct sunlight and extremely dynamic at night!