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Advanced Automotive Concepts also known as AACstyle, sells the most unique lighting aftermarket products on the market from the leading trusted brand, Oracle Lighting. Whether you own a one of a kind classic vehicle or a modern muscle car, we offer a wide variety of lighting products to fit your needs. From powerful LED Headlights that perfectly illuminate the road in nighttime driving for better visibility and safety, to stylish LED Halo kits, also known in the industry as angel eyes, or demon eyes. Regardless of the name, Oracle SMD halo kits will transcend your car’s appearance beyond the next generation of automotive lighting and design. Other popular light categories include interior LED lighting that transforms the interior of any vehicle to look like the sophisticated interior of a luxurious private jet. AAC Style also offers SMD wheel-well lighting. Composed of intensively bright Flexible LED Strips that can take on any weather, these LED wheel rings are the most popular selling product in the automotive market today. For adventurers that get a thrill of taking the road less traveled, our Oracle LED lighting products also include a wide selection of heavy duty off-road LED bars and spot lights that deliver just the right intensity to keep you rock-crawling at night. We also offer professional headlight customization services, where you can ship in the lights so that one of our highly trained technicians can install and even provide you with ideas on what kind of Halo Kit or concept strip color to install into your headlights, all for a reasonable price.