ORACLE LED Load Equalizer 50W/ 6ohm
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ORACLE LED Load Equalizer 50W/ 6ohm

Product Description:

This 50W/6 ohm LED load equalizer is a must if you do not want to get a "rapid flash" when installing LED turn signal bulbs. The "rapid-flash" occurs because the high-efficiency LED bulb does not draw enough power for the vehicle to recognize it and assumes the bulb is missing. It causes the turn signal to blink rapidly to notify you there is something odd. Installation is simple, just connect the Load Equalizer to the positive and negative wires going to the turn signal bulb. 

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part #
RX24-50W-6RF 5013-504

50watt/ 6ohm Version.

This part is required wherever LED Signals have been used to replace normal incandescent or halogen bulbs. Most cars and motorcycles monitor the resistance in the turn signal circuit and will increase the flash rate when it senses too little resistance. The system was designed this way so the driver will know when a bulb has burnt out but it will also flash faster if LEDs are installed since they have almost no load (resistance).

This unit will increase the load presented to the system so it will use the proper flash rate.

This Load Equalizer is encased in a waterproof aluminum housing complete with heat sink fins to dissipate heat and operate at a safe temperature. It dimensions are approx 2" x .6" x .6"